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Hymen Repair

Hymen Repair, also known as Hymenoplasty is a procedure to surgically restore the hymen in women for social, religious, cultural or ethnic purposes.

The hymen undergoes a tear during the first intercourse. It can also get disrupted due to physical exercises. Some women may have congenital absence of the hymen.

Why Some Women Desire Reconstruction Of The Hymen, Hymen Repair ?

There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, a woman is physically inspected to make sure the hymen is intact (a sign she is a virgin).
  • As part of the rape, incest, sexual abuse healing process: Some women view this as a way to empower themselves and symbolically restore something that was taken from them.
  • Injury to the hymen prior to marriage: Tampon use, vigorous exercise or sexual intercourse can cause a hymen to rupture.
  • Revirginization: Women who want to give their partner a unique gift.

Hymen surgery

Simple repair

The hymenoplasty is usually a 30-45 minute procedure and can be done in an out-patient surgery center or in-office using general or local anesthesia. The doctor uses dissolvable stitches to reconnect the skin membrane that once partially covered the opening to the vagina. After the hymenoplasty operation, the patient can return to work in a day or two and complete healing takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

This procedure is well tolerated under local anaesthetic.


A tear-through biomaterial can be inserted. This is also a temporary measure, carried out shortly before marriage.


This is a ‘larger operation’ where an incision is made in the vaginal membrane and both sides are pulled and stitched together. This must take place plenty of time before the wedding night so that it has time to heal. The procedure is performed under intravenous sedation and on an outpatient basis. The operation takes between one and two hours, and the patient can return to work the next day. Dissolvable stitches are used.

After Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

After surgery you will have bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort in the groin area. Swelling and bruising will be most noticeable after the first day and will slowly subside after that over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Following surgery you may have packing left inside which needs to be removed the following day. You should avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks to avoid injuring your healing wounds. You should wash/irrigate with plain water three times a day for the next week. Your stitches will be disolvable, so you do not need to have them removed.

What Are The Risks Of This Procedure?

Hymen reconstruction is a surgical procedure. Like all surgical procedures, there are general risks. Please read our information page on potential risks. With regards to hymen reconstruction, there are special considerations that need to be taken into account. These include bleeding, infection, and breaking of the stitches which may lead to the opening of your wounds. Restoration of a hymen-like structure does not guarantee significant bleeding upon subsequent intercourse.

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