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Cardiac Sciences:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a world class institution of cardiology – a forerunner in patient care and treatment in Pune. We house renowned cardiologists in all aspects of cardiac care, offer expert consultation and patient evaluation, as well as the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques backed by the latest technology for effective results. ABMH is fortified with noninvasive laboratories which have two Treadmill Test (stress test) machines and 2D echo machines (departmental andportable versions). Additionally the department also boasts of two Holter monitoring systems (5 channels and 12 lead) in addition to, two Ambulatory BP monitoring systems. We are also well equipped with a Cardiac Catheterization laboratory where invasive procedures are conducted and have a dedicated electrophysiology system and RF laboratory. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital we have been effectively performing around 250 procedures per month and are responsible for successfully implanting the First MRI compatible pacemaker in the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation area, and also undertaking the first 3D mapping and RF ablation at our premises.

Mother And Child:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital provides world class care to women during labor and pregnancy. The Mother and Child facility is ably supported by experienced Paediatric staff backed by modern neonatal intensive care and Paediatric surgical care facilities. Our center is equipped with four independent and fully furnished labor suites, connected to a dedicated Gynaec operation theatre, where patients receives individual care from the pediatricians, doctors and the nursing staff; both pre and post pregnancy. Additionally, the mother and child is supported by trained gyneacologists with facilities to detect cancer in the OPD itself, offering Gyne-Oncology and Urogynecology services for highly specialized care of patients with cancer and urinary problems. Our facility is modern and designed to cater to all the needs of both, the mother and child.

At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital our Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) services, offers In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in a separate state of the art test tube baby clinic.

Our childcare institute is committed to providing the highest quality compassionate care to all in a child friendly setting at an affordable cost.

Critical Care:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is a center of excellence in the management of critically ill patients. The department of Critical Care medicine is dedicated to the best comprehensive and holistic tertiary care of patient at par with international standards. We are one of the leading Intensive Care Units in India admitting around 2800 patients every year. The unit is open 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year and is staffed by a large team of experienced doctors, nurses and allied professionals.

The Critical Care unit is currently equipped with 52 critical care beds, which are operational in the MICU, SICU, TRAUMA and HDU with a capacity to expand up to 125 beds, with a 24×7 back up of a wide range of specialty services such as state-of- the-art pathology and microbiology laboratory, imaging services, transfusion medicine, physiotherapy services and medical social worker for counseling the patients’ relatives.

Critical Care is provided by full time internationally qualified and experienced team of intensivists. The nursing staff in our ICU is trained in managing critically ill patient. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to the management of critically ill patients. The unit is backed by a team of microbiologist, specially-trained nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, technical, paramedical staff and biomedical engineers who are actively involved in the supportive care of the patients.

Joint Care And Orthopaedic:

The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Pune region which have 24 hour orthopedic service with full time consultants providing specialized and advanced care. Our highly experienced team has performed a huge number of complex Orthopaedic surgeries.

The OPD Complex of Orthopaedic outpatient is situated on the ground floor of the hospital and the Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy department is located adjacent to it for patient convenience.

Our Operation Theatre (OT) Complex has ultra clean laminar air-flow for orthopaedic surgery including joint replacements. This significantly decreases chance of any infection. It has a state of the art imaging system to perform image guided procedures with smaller incisions. High resolution cameras in our Arthroscopy system enable us to perform complex surgeries through key holes. Surgical intensive care unit and team of highly qualified anaesthetists and intensivists provide backup for complex surgeries.


Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a world class department of Neurology is backed with latest technology and experienced staff. The hospital houses a modern neurophysiology laboratory with facilities to perform nerve conduction study, EMG, EEG, Video EEG, long term EEG monitoring, portable bed side EEG and NCV, in addition to the intra-operative neurophysiological monitoring for spine and brain surgeries. Evoked potential studies including visual evoked potential, brainstem auditory evoked potential, somatosensory evoked potential can also be undertaken. The department of Neuro Sciences employs well trained and certified neurophysiology technician, neuropsychologist, speech therapist and physiotherapist to assist in the treatment of neurology


Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a world class Institute of Ophthalmology with highly experienced staff, backed by the latest technology. The institute provides comprehensive eye care and services for all eye and vision problems under one roof. Today, eye surgeries are done on a day care basis; not requiring hospitalization. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, we have exclusive clinics for Refractive error and contact lenses, Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Vitreo-Retina, Diabetic Retinopathy, ROP, ARMD, Oculoplasty, Ocular Oncology, Ocular trauma, Uveitis, Neuro-ophthalmology, Computer vision syndrome etc.

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of eye care and our services are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all kind of ocular diseases. The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, institute of Ophthalmology is the first eye bank in Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation area-PCMC, operating under the banner ‘Aditya Jyot’, since 2010.

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a world class Department of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery with highly experienced surgeons backed by the latest technology. The department deals with all types of reconstructive procedures, cosmetic surgeries and hand and maxillo-facial trauma. We boast of a well-equipped Cosmetic wing with latest world class LASER machines and Liposuction/Body contouring equipment which encircle both surgical & non-surgical aesthetic surgery.

The department has successfully catered to the large magnitude of road traffic and industrial trauma accidents in the form of re-joining of amputated parts, various reconstructive surgeries and maxillofacial (face) and hand trauma. Its cosmetic wing has added a new feather in the cap for exclusive body contouring and all types of cosmetic surgeries under one roof.

Renal Sciences:

The division of Nephrology and Renal Transplant at ABMH provides comprehensive services for nephrology outpatient and inpatient care, in addition to dialysis and kidney transplant services to a large number of patients. The Department is well-appointed with highly experienced staff and backed by the latest technology machines, ‘water plant’, monitors to name a few.

Our hemodialysis unit is equipped with 16 dialysis stations with complete segregation (isolation room) of infected and ‘hepatitis’ patients to avoid contamination. In the dialysis unit we have ‘Drager monitors’ for continuous monitoring of cardiac and sick patients. The monitors can be used for vitals like pulse, blood-pressure, respiratory rate and even online ECG rhythm, oxygen saturation etc. Every bed is equipped with ‘nurse-call’. Our unit has one of the best “Central Water Plant” in the world with online water purification system, imported from Sweden. Besides, we also have portable “RO system” which can be used for dialysis across any bed in the hospital. The water quality, checked periodically, is matched with American standards (AAMI recommendations). We have ‘automated dialyzer reprocessing machine’ for reuse of dialyzers which is filled with ‘Renalin’ as a disinfectant.

Our peritoneal dialysis (PD) set-up includes a dedicated room to avoid any infection during the procedure. We have well trained surgeon to put PD catheter laproscopically. Our system of PD matches the international standards and the complication rates, including infection are very few.

Our transplant unit is equipped with ‘deluxe-class’ separate rooms for patients with ICU level monitors. The transplant program is run by trained transplant physicians, surgeons and transplant coordinator who have world-class training and have successfully completed numerous transplants. We have our own immunology lab for cross-match and other related tests. We are also equipped to monitoring drug levels in our lab.

Dermatology And Cosmetology:

The Dermatology department at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital provides a comprehensive range of clinical services for the diagnosis and management of skin, scalp nail and mucous membrane disorders. Our clinic also offers a variety of cosmetic services such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments, and sclerotherapy.

Vascular Sciences:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a state-of-the-art, fully equipped endovascular suite with facilities to perform procedures like endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR/TEVAR), peripheral angioplasty and stenting. Our hospital is backed by a well-equipped OT facility and ICU backup required for Vascular Sciences.

Pain Management:

The experienced pain management team at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital uses remedies that help to deal with pain through various techniques that may involve medical or therapeutic options as the case may be. A holistic approach is adopted in order to help patients make relevant life style changes for better living and improving the level of activity, modifying thoughts about pain and suffering, promoting self-management and relieving pain to a tolerable level.

Internal Medicine:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is a world class Institute that is equipped with the latest technology and experienced staff. We have a well-equipped Intensive Care Unit which is very important need of medicine patients where patients of septicemia, snake bites, poisoning, respiratory tract infections requiring ventilators are well taken care of. Our isolation facilities serve well, especially for those suffering from swine flu pneumonias etc. We also have a well equipped blood bank which plays a crucial role in cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever In case of platelet transfusions. Our prompt and accurate pathology and microbiology laboratories help identify infection at early stages, thus, enabling us to effectively treat all kinds of diseases.

Gastro Sciences:

The treatment of digestive diseases has witnessed revolutionary changes in the last two decades with newer modalities and minimally invasive options are emerging at a rapid pace. The department of Gastro-sciences at the Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is a one-stop shop for comprehensive management of any and every disease of the digestive system. It is equipped with modern technology and a team of highly qualified, experienced and competent professionals. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, we understand that the management of complex gastroenterological problems is evolving into a multi-modality approach seamlessly intermingling with various specialties, and that is why we have combined a team of gastroenterologists and hepatologists, gastro-intestinal and minimal access surgeons, endoscopists and interventional radiologists for comprehensive clinical care all under one roof.

We provide our patients the best possible clinical care based on well-defined protocols.

Dental Sciences:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has a Dental set up with latest technology and a highly experienced and caring team. We have state of the art equipments which includes, fully digital Dental Units, Digital X -Ray facility, Intra-Oral Camera, In house autoclaving over and above Central Sterilization System of the hospital. Latest World class materials and instruments are used to provide skilful dental treatment. At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, we lay great emphasis on the highest quality of Infection Control. A highly experienced and competent team is available to provide complete range of Dental Treatment under one roof.

Emergency Medicine:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hosptial has a world class, fully equipped Accident and Emergency department. Our 24×7 department is prepared with full time consultants providing specialized and advanced medical care for all kinds of accidents and emergencies. The Accident and Trauma center has a total of 12 beds for priority care. Our highly experienced team is even trained and equipped to council family members and friends to deal with accidents and emergencies. Additionally, our internal pharmacy is fully stocked with supplies to deal with disaster and mass casualties and can offer treatment for up to 20 patients at a time without delay. We also provide ambulance services equivalent to an ICU on wheels.

Nutrition And Dietitics:

At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics is a multidimensional department that strives to improve the health and advance the profession of dietetics through research, education, and advocacy.


The department of Anaesthesiology is fully equipped with technical manpower, infrastructure & resources to provide anaesthesia and analgesia for patients undergoing elective and emergency surgical and allied procedures. The services include preoperative assessment and preparation of patients, care during and after anaesthesia.

The department is also geared up to provide anaesthesia services for specialized surgery such as orthopaedic, neurosurgical, urologic and paediatric procedures in addition to administering anaesthesia for day care surgery, which includes the selection of suitable patients using medical and social criteria, the choice of suitable facilities, techniques and the provision of postoperative care and support.

A well-defined plan for the relief of post-operative pain enables effective handling of patients. The Anaesthesiology department also runs a well organized Labour analgesia service. Additionally, the department is also fully equipped to provide emergency resuscitation services within the hospital premises.

The department also boasts of trained academicians who conduct DNB/CPS courses in anaesthesiology.

Transfusion Medicine:

At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, we have a world class Institute of Transfusion Medicine with latest technology and experienced staff. We have a premier station for Phlebotomy (collection of whole blood), Apheresis cell separator for platelet collection (Single Donor Platelet-SDP), automated component extractor, gel technology for blood grouping, cross-matching, antibody screening & identification and automated station for screening tests like HIV, hepatitis B & C, malaria and syphilis.

Radiology And Imaging:

No expense has been spared to equip the department of Radiology and Imaging at ABMH with the most advanced facilities, supported by competent technologists. Digital x-rays provide clear images with in-depth and detailed evaluation, thereby needing no re-exposure. Evaluation of bone mineral content is done by DEXA with grading of the severity of osteoporosis is done by World Health Organization standards. At ABMH non-invasive diagnostic CT angiography of coronary arteries, neck and brain, pulmonary arteries, aorta and the upper & lower limb vascular tree has replaced the conventional angiography done with catheter, eliminating the need for admission and associated complications. The hospital is also equipped to perform high quality musculoskeletal, whole spine, vascular and abdominal imaging with MRCP.

Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation:

At Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH) the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation comprises of a comprehensive team of experienced therapists who design rehabilitation programs to meet the specific needs of individual patients, provide quality care for complex conditions, help people live more comfortably and improve the quality of life and maximize the potential recovery of our patients.

The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation also boasts of a dedicated Gymnasium for the complete execution of rehabilitation protocols. At ABMH the physiotherapist is allocated to each inpatient ward and treats all patients requiring physiotherapy input for their related problems.

Laboratory Sciences:

The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital laboratory is a NABL accredited medical diagnostic laboratory that offers a full range of laboratory services, following strict norms and international guideline for laboratory procedures. The department of laboratory services is the first in India to use the pneumatic chute for transporting samples from sample collection to processing laboratory, in order to avoid contamination, save time. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art apparatus and technology for quick and accurate reporting. This is backed by equally experienced and dedicated staff that helps improve the clinical outcome of patients. The laboratory information system (LIS) is used for digitally receiving samples, validation and authorization of the results. The test values/reports can be digitally viewed from various wards, OPDs or ICU workstations as soon as they are authorized, thus effectively saving valuable time in early management of patients. Our laboratory works 24×7 for patient services. Urgent (STAT) samples are processed on priority and reported immediately.

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